Master Fiend

by Eilis Phillips

(free) 03:05


Vocals, guitar, bass by Eilis, extra guitar and percussion by Declan Legge.


released August 17, 2012

recorded at Big Space Studios by Declan Legge- EP cover by Aaron Clements Photography and Illustration. Original photo by Paul Moore Photography.



all rights reserved


Eilis Phillips UK

Hong Kong native Eilis Phillips is a professional bass player, folk singer-songwriter, and PhD folklore researcher currently based in Portsmouth and Belfast, N.I. Her stories of soul-stealing faeries, Shakespearean phantoms,and living constellations have captivated the hearts of audiences across the globe, from London to New Orleans. ... more

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Track Name: Avalon
You've come to the old city
are the men sleeping?
you crawled in on your belly
tried to get your king awaking
Bring me gold he cries, bring me wine
your body may be living but your soul is mine


See your queen is singing, with roses round her head,
she made herself a lovely halo
left the thorns for you instead
you cried out when you found
they'd locked the gates to Eden
you must enter into slumber
or else you'll serve the Demon


Your mistress walks in darkness
I heard she feels dejected
don't tel me you neglected her again,
I guess you left us all
when you left yourself behind
now you're just a shadow with a
memory of a life,


Now you've reached the gate
will you creep inside?
they promised you eternity
now who are they to lie?

Track Name: Master Fiend
You followed your own path
said live and let damned
now in the aftermath
you were made to understand
you gave up the right
to life in the light
you gave up the right
to a death born of righteous life

its deep in the blood
deep in the blood….

Did you love the maiden?
only to loose her
did you creep through the night
just like- Schrek's monster
are you the voice from the tomb?
the lone bat against the moon
are you Christopher Lee
leering at me from out of the gloom?

Is it deep in the blood..

All these stories, Le Fanu's fantasy
were you ever real, could you be?

I've dreamt of castles,
of stairwells that never end
it's Bela Lugosi's eyes
still alight from way back when
its wolves on the Borgo Pass
lightening and thunder crash
the Oldman master-fiend
in a legend made to last

its deep in the blood
deep in the blood….
Track Name: I'm Right Here
I'm Right Here

If you're lost come and find me
come and find me,
I'm right here

All my life I've had troubles...
but I never let them get to me…


Don't let foolish folks tell you lies…
they only want to see you cry…


I ain't got nobody but I got myself..
I ain't got nobody but I'm not afraid..